what's noboru noboru FUJISAN?

noboru noboru FUJISAN is an internet service for the publication and ordering of a certificate for climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji. There are two kinds of certificates offered: A paid one for those who climb to the peak of Mt. Fuji(The Certificate for Climbing to the Summit of Mt. Fuji), and a free one for those who climbed the mountain(The Commemoration Letter for Visit to Mt. Fuji).

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how to order


  1. 01.ordering

    Write your name and date you climbed to the summit on the order form, submit a picture as proof that you reached the goal, then click the button saying that you agree to the rules!

  2. 02.ordering

    Confirm the number of certificates and the information entered on the order form before submitting.

  3. 03.payment

    (A) For those selecting a bank transfer (bank or Japanese postal bank), please pay the fee beforehand. Once we receive the payment, we will send the certificate.
    ※ We don't accept bank transfers form outside Japan.
    (B) For those selecting COD, please pay when the certificate arrives.
  • certificate for summit of Mt. Fuji

    certificate for summit of Mt. Fuji

  • certificate for climbing of Mt. Fuji

    certificate for climbing of Mt. Fuji

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